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LUKIU all-in-one

Social cryptocurrency LUKIU developed for Gen Z in 4th industrial revolution era.

Snap & Up function :
Record videos with live FX filters, edit with a swipe of a finger, and upload quality videos to the world from your smart phone.

What is LUKIU Token?

LUKIU token is a global currency suitable for Generation Z and will be used as a payment system on LUKIU platform to satisfy individual requirements.

The advantage of LUKIU

A jewel among uncountable coin ecosystems.

  • - Great number of user inflow
  • - Unified social platform
  • - Fair rewards
  • - Multiverse platform

Digital culture space created on LUKIU

Experience all kinds of cultural activities performed globally on LUKIU
Look no further. Find everything on LUKIU.

LUKIU culture

Travel, movie, hobby and love

Experience activities happening between people on LUKIU

LUKIU with travel

Multiplex platform

Experience LUKIU's strategic business that help you get rewarded from the social contents you support.

LUKIU platform


Based on rock solid business models, LUKIU expands the network with local and international partners.


LUKIU is the only appyou'll need.

Build Relationships

Others are no longer strangers in social media platforms. Build relationships globally.

Expand your hobby

Are you looking for a new hobby? Find one with an advance keyword search.


Exclusive shops are open 24/7 justfor you.

Social Media where all users are fused as one.

A platform for both individual and enterprise.

Upgraded service based on individuals and business users' activity.
Fair activity rewards for both creators and visitors on the platform.
Promote your products to millions of users worldwide at a fraction of the cost.

LUKIU multi platform

Test out our MVP beta design

See how you can connect all of your subscribed content and user generated content in one place.

Click here to preview the LUKIU MVP

Let us know your feedback and to help us deliver the product you would like to have.

LUKIU screen design

LUKIU for making money

All activities on LUKIU platform is legalized.

  • Install LUKIU app on your phone to start collecting rewards.
  • All LUKIU users can enjoy exciting and valuable experience.
  • LUKIU everywhere!
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